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Boat rental - Sea excursions - Cruises Zakynthos


Explore Zakynthos with us to enjoy enchanting landscapes and wonderful sea creatures such as the famous caretta caretta. Boat rental is one of the first things you should do if you visit beautiful Zakynthos. Zakynthos, or the Flower of Levante according to the Venetians, which means the Flower of the East, is the third largest island of the Ionian and the second most populous in all the Ionian Islands

With the love for the sea and the passion to show the world the beauties of our place, we offer daily integrated services to satisfy even the most demanding. The captain of Best of Zante Boat Rental, Mr. Geladas Angelos and his staff are ready to serve you at any time.

You will be able to find us with our fleet in the Port of Agios Sostis from 08:00 in the morning every day.





We have 6 boats for rent. Zante Speed ​​Boat Rental boats have a capacity of one to eight passengers. Our boats are always properly maintained and the necessary checks are made each time before starting an excursion. You can rent a boat to drive yourself or a boat with a captain from our crew.

Specifically, the rental of our boats that do not exceed 30 hp, is given the possibility of driving without a license and boat license. So you can, by renting a boat without a diploma from Zante Speed ​​Boat Rental, enjoy Zakynthos alone with your loved ones.


Before you start your excursion with our boat, our experienced staff will guide you properly, showing you the whole process to steer the boat and how you will direct it to reach your destination. We also provide maps of the area so you can orient yourself. All boats have built-in GPS to let you know where you are at any time in case you need help or damage occurs.

The boats that are rented with the captain's accompaniment are over 30 hp and amount up to 100. All Zante Speed ​​Boat Rental boats are equipped with coolbox, shade for awning, GPS, maps, auxiliary ladder for entering the sea and lifebuoys. which have all the certifications.


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